HAI Corporate Partner Webinar

Unlocking your online potential
Orla Cooney, COO of Magico, brought Retailers through the Key Ingredients required for Online Success, from knowing your business and understanding your Customer Life Cycle, the importance of getting live fast, thinking Omnichannel and optimising your operations to ensure success.
Orla was joined by Colin Murtagh who recently launched https://www.murtaghs.ie/ with Magico on the AB Commerce platform to share insights from their online journey.

HAI: Practical Guide to Going Online

Orla Cooney shared a Practical Guide to Going Online with members of the Hardware Association of Ireland. Orla discusses the practical steps involved in going online for the first time and the ingredients required to successfully launch your Online Store

Pharmacy Trading Online Webinar

With pharmacy services in-demand online, virtual shopping is here to stay post COVID-19 Whether your pharmacy business is yet to trade online, or you are hoping to maximise your current online trading potential, Orla Cooney shares some valuable key learnings below.

How to Build Trust & Increase Sales Online

Why is trust so important in ecommerce? Conversely to shopping in a store, you are only ever buying a promise online, and with a promise, there needs to be trusted. Fill the trust gap between you and consumers with independent third-party reviews. Shoppers today are carefully considering companies’ reputations and responsiveness from the past year, before spending their hard-earned money.

Trustpilot discussed during the webinar “How to build trust and increase sales online” and provided attendees with all of the practical knowledge needed to build trust within their own brand.

Trustpilot was also joined by Paul from Heavins.ie who shared their experience with third-party reviews.


Meet Our Partners: Wayflyer

Revenue-based finance has quickly become a popular solution for fast-growing ecommerce stores to fund their working capital requirements, especially in the US where short-term funding of up to $10m is available from most providers.

In this webinar webinar, Aidan Corbett, CEO of Wayflyer, talked us through the pros and cons of revenue-based finance and how Irish companies can make the use of this innovative new product.


Celebros Onsite Search: Preparing for Black Friday

Magico and AB Commerce have teamed up with Celebros, our partners in on-site search, to hear their thoughts & advice for navigating Black Friday 2020 – a critical time in your business’ calendar.

Jeremy LaDuque, Erwin Siegel from Celebros were joined by Paul Montwill from AB Commerce to discuss preparing for Black Friday and using insite search.