Retail businesses come in all shapes and sizes, and Magico are used to working with ambitious retailers with multiple customer types. We know that combining B2C and B2B can be tricky to get right in one ecommerce storefront – separate customer groups, multiple price books and intricacies in stock management can sometimes create headaches. Magico have tackled these issues head-on over 20 years and used the learnings to build a robust solution for B2B retailers that is simply unrivalled by other ecommerce platforms in the market.

Industry specific functionality

Transform your Sales Environment
  • Dual B2C/B2B functionality within one website – your web team can manage both offerings from the same platform.

  • Systems Integration to a range of ERPs so orders can flow through seamlessly.

  • Dedicated, Authenticated Customer Groups for your B2B customers, with easy Reorder screens, Previous Order History and Back in Stock alerts and more.

  • Private Product Catalogue functionality where you can tailor your offering.

  • Customisable Price Books & VAT calculations per region

  • Multiple Order Grouping – individual buyers can work simultaneously, and the system will group and process the orders in bulk.

Some of our B2B clients