Retailer Groups & Multi-Outlet Retailers

At Magico we are in a unique position to help Retailer Groups and Multi-Outlet Retailers to harness the power of digital retailing, improve operational efficiency, and create a cohesive online shopping experience for all your customers. 

We are proud to work with ambitious Retailer Groups and Multi Outlet brands including HomeValue, CarryOut, Nourish, McGuirks Golf, Paul Byron Shoes, Molloys Pharmacy group and many others. 

We understand the complexities of Retailer Groups and Multi-Outlet Retailers and we have the proven expertise to simplify complex situations, optimise operations and drive growth. 

What we can offer

Benefits to Retailers:  

  • Benefit from the advantages of having an online channel  
  • Reduce the burden of compiling and maintaining a product catalogue 
  • Benefit from the Group investment in marketing the online channel  

Benefits to a Group: 

  • An opportunity to align all member retailers with consistency of product and brand messaging, driving group compliance
  • Increases attractiveness of group

Some of our Groups