We make a clear promise to our clients –  we’ll help you get online quicky and we’ll show you how to grow, but most importantly, we’ll be there for you every step of the way.​

With over 20 years experience and a Customer Success team who are passionate about ecommerce we’ll mentor you closely, from scoping your project to design and build, through to ongoing mentorship and training. We pride ourselves in our relationships with our clients, your success is our success.


Trust us, we’ve done this before

Magico have a tried & tested onboarding process, from getting to know your business, through to design, build and launch.

Magico AB Commerce

We’ll build your website on our proprietary software AB Commerce, and we’ll plug it in to your EPOS or ERP system so you’ve got total catalogue accuracy from the outset.
We’ll guide you on marketing technology you can layer in, to help optimize the experience for your visitors.


And even better, we’ll do all this in 8 – 10 weeks*

*Optimum timelines achievable by Magico, pending retailer contribution


You’ve launched your shiny new website – now what?
Expert Team

To successfully manage an online store the online team needs to be experts in Online Strategy, Digital Marketing, SEO, Graphic Design, Customer Service, Catalogue Management, Fulfilment and so much more.
Ensuring your day-to-day actions are focused on revenue generating activities is a constant challenge and also an undeniable necessity.

Customer Success Programme

It’s essential that if you are spending money to acquire customers, that customer becomes a long term repeat customer. To successfully achieve that, you need a structured, holistic, focused approach across all acquisition channels and retention strategies that you employ month on month.
Our experienced Success Management team have developed a programme where we have provided (and proved) the positive impact that our structured engagement and hands on services can bring to the routine and strategic ecommerce tasks you execute daily.

Our Experience

We have over 20 years’ experience working with Irish retailers. We have seen retailers go from 250K in annual online revenue to multiple millions.
We know what works and what doesn’t.


If it can’t be measured, it can’t be managed
eComm Trading Reviews

Magico will help you grow fast and the only way to do this is continual assessment of your performance. Regular eComm Trading reviews will help you build optimized plans for trading, technology, marketing and ultimately, growth.


Retailers can engage Magico to conduct analytics deep-dives where required, to answer specific questions, or to produce detailed commercial analysis of their ecommerce channel.

AB Commerce Analytics

Magico AB Commerce is built on top of its own analytics platform so that retailers can easily see how users are interacting with the website. Magico AB Commerce Analytics gives retailers the analytics snapshots in report and heatmap form, so they can quickly understand retail patterns and use those insights.

Google Analytics

We can support you with Google Analytics, from questions about your implementation or tracking, to training & guidance on the platform itself.


Keep going, keep growing
Ecommerce platform training

Training for retailers who want to ensure they are using the Magico AB Commerce tools to their full potential. This hands-on course will show you how to use the Magico AB Commerce platform to grow your online revenues.

Magico AB Commerce Retailer Workshops

We love to meet to meet our Retailers and even better is when our Retailers meet our Retailers ! Over the years we have fostered a strong community of Retailers and run regular Retailer Workshops where the focus in on Learn, Network & Grow.

Watch our recent Magico AB Commerce Summit on the Magico YouTube Channel 


We like to talk, and we especially love to keep in touch with our retailers. Our webinar series covers multiple themes, from opportunities to meet our partners, to industry information and learning opportunities related to Magico AB Commerce.

Check out some of our recent Webinars