Topline Heavins & Euronics

Topline Heavins & Euronics is a family run business in Athlone. Achieving a meteoric rise in their first year of online trading in 2019, reached sales of almost seven figures.

Established in January 1984, as a small hardware store, it has grown exponentially into an impressive 17,000 sq ft superstore in Shannon Retail Park, employing over 25 staff.

A sophisticated systems integration with their ePos system has been key to the scale of growth achieved. In consultation with Magico, Heavins have deployed an online optimisation strategy by implementing additional functionality, which has contributed to an enriched customer experience.

Additonal functionality includes:

Online personalisation

Onsite finance

Optimised onsite search

Customer reviews

Synched e-marketing

Renowned for loving what they do, Heavins signature brand voice is filtered through an extensive social media strategy. A 4.9/5 overall rating on TrustPilot, where 97% of respondents scored them ‘Excellent’ or ‘Great’, reflects how Heavins always focus on the customer first.


What they have to say

“We tried other website companies but it just didn’t work and we couldnt grow the way we wanted. I really believe that without Magico and their AB Commerce platform we would not be where we are today and we are still growing.

Magico guided us right from the start, as well as their strong AB Commerce platform they have a huge network of ecommerce professionals who assist us in other areas of ecommerce. All the Magico staff are so friendly and helpful (this isn’t a sponsored post) and always have prompt replies to your queries, I would highly recommend them.”