Peak Trading Guide

The holiday and therefore peak trading period is just around the corner. Following several years of lockdowns consumers are ready to return to their pre pandemic festive traditions and for many that includes shopping.

This year however consumers are facing unfamiliar pressures to their disposable income resulting from increases to cost of living and spiralling energy costs.

Retailers will need to work harder than ever to ensure a successful peak trading period.

To help you the Customer Success Team at Magico have put together a Guide to Prepare you for Peak Trading 2022.

Ideas for Supercharging your Online Store

  • Stay close to the figures, look at your top selling products, categories and brands. Consider how your online store is merchandised to highlight on trend brands and must have products. Be prepared to pivot as trends change.
  • Increase your conversion rate by optimising your search results so that the correct products appear first for the appropriate keywords. The upgraded AB Commerce Search also offers Search as you Type functionality to enhance the overall customer experience.
  • Use Icons on product details page to captivate customers attention, Exclusive, Selling Fast, Free Shipping will all help to grab the attention of a busy shopper.
  • Take every opportunity to upsell and feature complimentary products, this is a fantastic way to encourage your customers to increase their basket value. Examples of complimentary products include offering a tanning mitt with a tanning cream or shoelaces with shoes. For more detail see Related Products and Upselling functionality
  • Highlight products using the new Dynamic Merchandising Widget which provides the capability to position an automated panel of products across various pages throughout your site based on an analytics algorithm set and managed by the Retailer.
  • For the reluctant shopper make it easy with Gift Guides like Gifts for Mum and Gifts for Teenagers etc, Gift Hampers and Online Gift Vouchers will also help those shoppers who have run out of ideas.
  • Ensure you are optimising any third party personalisation functionality, now is the time to review and enhance.
  • Employ Out of Stock email alerts so you never miss an opportunity to convert a sale when you restock.
  • Drive demand and boost conversion with Advanced Stock messages like Only 2 Remaining, Low Stock Buy Now.
  • Encourage customers to increase their basket value by displaying how much more they need to spend to get free shipping “Spend another X to get free Shipping”
  • For high ticket items like TVs, gift hampers, expensive brands, why not offer the option for the customer to pay in instalments with Humm. Great way to entice and convert the organised early shopper particularly when customers are more considered about spending this year.
  • Time is of the essence with Christmas approaching so take the stress out of your customers shopping experience and focus on your Delivery, Returns and Customer Service terms. Reassure your customers that their purchases will arrive on time and that you will deal with any issues that might arise without delay. Consider using a Countdown Widget to advertise delivery deadlines and create a sense of urgency.
  • Promote Product & Service Review Ratings across your site, a favourable Trustpilot Review rating can differentiate you from your competitors.
  • For multi outlet retailers allow customers to view Instore Stock Availability across your store network from the product detail page. Offer them the control to select home delivery or the option to collect from their local store.

Resources to help you Supercharge your Online Store !


Peak Trading Planning Webinar 16 Sept 2021

Discover the following 

  • What Will Peak Trading Look like in 2021*
  • How to plan for Peak Trading
  • Ideas on how to Supercharge Your Online Store using the AB Commerce platform

*Although Peak Trading Period 2021 was dominated by Covid, many of the challenges facing Retailers in 2022 will be similar to 2021 in particular the element of uncertainty and the requirement for good planning 

“How to Guides” to Supercharge your Online Store

Below are links to the individual videos referenced in the ‘How to Supercharge your Online Store’ section of the Peak Trading Planning Webinar. Use these videos to guide you on how to optimise your online store for the busy period ahead. Should you require any assistance don’t hesitate to contact


Peak Trading Planning Webinar 2 23 Sept 2021

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  • Supercharge your Fulfilment
  • Supercharge your Marketing with Vroom Digital